Teaching Kindness to everyone

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Our Story

It seems like our society has lost the ability to simply be kind. One cold winter day, 4 friends were chatting about the state of the world and the lack of kindness. From online interactions, to civic engagements, elections, class rooms, and workplaces, we are slowly losing the ability to extend kindness to those around us.

We believe that kindness needs to be collectively re-learned in our society. You may feel like you are not a jerk, but that’s the wrong measurement. The correct measurement is how kind are you? More importantly how can kindness affect your company or organizations bottom line?

We believe a kindness project in your organization can change not only the culture, but increase revenue, customer satisfaction and employee retention. Start by taking our Kindness inventory and see how what your score is.

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Businessman in tuxedo and homeless person in dirty clothes sitting and talking in the street, look at each other. Poverty, help

Our Process


We help inspire your organization to undertake a Kindness Project. Our project kick off is designed to help each member of your organization play a part in kindness as a culture.


Our ten week experience uses accountability groups, guided conversation, and experiential learning to create a new culture of kindness in your organization.


Our custom Celebration of Kindness creates a “stake in the ground” moment in time that serves as a reminder of what was learned and the importance of being kind moving forward.

Our Team

Bill Hocket


Meet Bill

Mr. Hockett serves as founder and president of Critical Data, Inc. – a thirty five year old specialized marketing, business development, change management, and strategic market research firm headquartered in Spokane, Washington.
Mr. Hockett and Critical Data’s clients include Fortune 100 firms such as General Motors and Proctor and Gamble, regional and local companies, and non-profit organizations. Critical Data has developed a national reputation for innovatively solving problems for clients and implementing tangible growth. Critical Data’s vast experience in gathering, tabulating, and analyzing information has resulted in national recognition including receiving The Jesse H. Neal Award – the business equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize.
In 1996, Mr. Hockett was featured on the front cover of INC Magazine as an innovator who significantly impacts companies and helps them to grow.

Prior to founding Critical Data, Mr. Hockett served as Director of Broadcast Operations for Lorimar Productions.

Bill is a frequent keynote speaker for corporations across the U.S. and has been featured and quoted in national publications and periodicals. Mr. Hockett is a popular lecturer and guest instructor at colleges and universities, as well as a consultant to multi-national firms.


Jackie Maker


Meet Jackie

“Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded’
“Someone needs what you have to offer, let’s figure out what that is.” 
 “Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded”
Jackie Maker is a full time Business Consultant serving
CA. WA.ID. & Oregon.

In 2018 Jackie started a handmade side hustle business called Jackie Maker Designs- turning discarded bicycle inner-tube into custom jewelry.   Jackie lives in Coeur d Alene with her husband Mike and is a proud Auntie to 18 nieces & nephews.

She is passionate about her community and sits on a several boards of non profit organizations. 

heidi Cochran


Meet Heidi

Heidi’s career has been vast, but mainly focused on business management. For over a decade, Heidi successfully ran a large paper crafting company that lead an entire industry. While business management has been her focus, development and implementation of systems are her real super powers. With experience in retail, inventory management, and even taking clients from brick and mortar to online sales, Heidi has really done it all. “Project management is my jam!” Says Heidi. Heidi also helps run Cochran Advisor’s an independent consultancy that works with businesses and municipalities on best business practices and economic development. Heidi is also a mom of three incredible adult children and two gorgeous grandchildren!

Chris Cochran


Meet Chris

Born and raised in Seattle, Chris Cochran started his professional career as an on-air talent in radio. Seeing a need for leadership training Cochran moved into working with students and adults in churches, and schools in North Idaho and Washington. In 2005 Cochran started a daily podcast called The Car Cast which as it happened was one of the first 10,000 podcasts on the internet. He parlayed his time in radio and podcasting into a new media consulting company, then turned to IT consulting where he spent over 15 years consulting, and as an executive in the consulting world. In 2015 Chris started working with Innovation Collective and moved into a full time position with the company in 2017 when he also returned to North Idaho. In 2021 Chris left IC to start his own consulting company. He is now a full time consultant to municipalities, tribes, chambers and startups. He specializes in teaching communities how to grow their economies, and companies how to grow their market.